TMI Educational Video Competition is a IV21-collaborated competition event of educational video tutorials about mobility innovation in particular areas of intelligent vehicles. The TMI graduate program of Nagoya University collaborates with the flagship conference of intelligent vehicles, IV21 , to expand educational contents of recently advancing mobility innovation technologies. To this end, TMI holds this competition where IV professionals can share their knowledge of the highest standard for educational purposes. In this competition, each submitted video is evaluated mainly in educational content perspective by IV21 participants as well as students from TMI who are willing to learn about mobility innovation.

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TMI of Nagoya University

The “Graduate Program for Lifestyle Revolution based on Transdisciplinary Mobility Innovation” (hereafter, TMI) of Nagoya University is a new graduate program aiming at cultivating “Transdisciplinary Mobility human resources” who will contribute efforts to create “mobility” with high social values. Participated by 6 graduate schools and 7 centers, we have structured an outstanding 3-layer curriculum through which students, working in expert teams, will develop transdisciplinary collaborative ability consisting of 5 core abilities, namely, Specialized Research Ability, Broad View/Problem Finding Ability, Value Co-Creation Ability, Challenge/Resilience, and International Outlook. TMI human resources who complete this program are expected to play active roles as professionals such as researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and government officials for lifestyle revolution in a wide range of fields of society. For more details about TMI please see the website of TMI

Call for Proposals

Proposals are invited from IV21 participants to make educational video tutorials on “mobility innovation” to be made available to IV21 participants during the symposium. Proposals are welcome on a wide range of subjects related to “mobility innovation” in particular areas of intelligent vehicles, as per the IV topics of interest , but also relevant topics to mobility innovation (e.g., MaaS, ITS and Smart City). More detail of the expectation is shown in the Proposal Specifications section below.

Selected videos including copyright are going to be bought by TMI. TMI will buy the selected videos with copyright for JPY 50,000 and, within the selected videos, excellent videos are awarded and paid JPY 100,000 instead. So, authors of the selected videos must agree with the copyright transfer. The bought videos will be used only for educational purposes in Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (parent institution of Nagoya University).

Note that the proposals including videos are not included in the proceedings of IV21 conference. The titles and authors of the selected and awarded videos will be shown in the website of this competition.

Schedule (AoE: Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)

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